Professional Organisers and Declutterers Specialists





Clear out, sort items into relevant containers, and reorganise into systems.

Organising because of:

  • Retirement

  • Renovations

  • Deceased estates

  • Moving into a new home

  • Nesting during pregnancy

  • Packing to immigrate, downsize, or move

  • Unable to find storage solutions or an organised system resulting in frustration and an urge to change 





An individual or business will declutter or clear out area's of their home or business and bag anything that is not needed or wanted.

A consultant will come to your home or business to collect the unwanted bags and drop off them off at the relevant charities.

Organising Guidance

This service entails a consultant coming to an individual's home or business to provide them with a useful organising system including tips and tricks on how to organise, declutter, and reorganise areas that cause frustration.

You will conduct a short questionnaire that will give the consultant a comprehensive plan of which areas will need the most attention and what kind of advice is needed.

A minimum of two hours is required.  


Book a 30-minute consultation for R150.

We will then provide you with a comprehensive quotation which will include the estimated length of the project, containers wanted, and all other items needed.    

Book a consultation


Rochelle has done an amazing job at decluttering my house. She was fantastic to work with, super easy and understood my vision and what I needed and executed it perfectly! I would highly recommend her, she made my world a little lighter. - Tanika

Pedantic Organising helped me get my home under control by not only decluttering my home but teaching me organisational skills such as the one-touch rule. I would highly recommend the use of their services as it goes beyond mere organising. - Patrick

Rochelle was a big help with organising and decluttering my house.

With a baby on the way, I don't often have the time or energy to sort out your baby's room. So much stress and weight have been lifted off my shoulders knowing that our little girl's room is ready for her.

My home feels fresh and clean ready for a new chapter in my life to start. Thank you, Rochelle, for all your help and support. - Boudine



About Us

Good order is the foundation of all things.

-Edmund Burke

Whenever I was bored or had any free time on my hands I would organise, declutter, and reorganise my bedroom, the bathroom, the garage, the kitchen, or the office.

Pedantic Organisation was founded on passion and excitement to help clients have all spaces in their home neatly organised and to reduce clutter. Our goal is to make our clients lives simplified in which we take into account the use of a space, how all objects are stored, how to use a space after it has been organised, and the sentimental value of certain objects a client may have.    



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