Clear out, sort items into relevant containers, and reorganise into systems.

Organising because of:

  • Retirement

  • Renovations

  • Deceased estates

  • Moving into a new home

  • Nesting during pregnancy

  • Packing to immigrate, downsize, or move

  • Unable to find storage solutions or an organised system resulting in frustration and an urge to change 




An individual or business will declutter or clear out area's of their home or business and bag anything that is not needed or wanted.

A consultant will come to your home or business to collect the unwanted bags and drop off them off at the relevant charities.

Organising Guidance

This service entails a consultant coming to an individual's home or business to provide them with a useful organising system including tips and tricks on how to organise, declutter, and reorganise areas that cause frustration.

You will conduct a short questionnaire that will give the consultant a comprehensive plan of which areas will need the most attention and what kind of advice is needed.

A minimum of two hours is required.  

Book a 30-minute consultation for R200.

We will then provide you with a comprehensive quotation which will include the estimated length of the project, containers needed, tools needed, and tips and tricks.     

Book a consultation

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